Posted by: Bethany Davis | July 7, 2013

A Wedding & Mini-Vacation in North Georgia


Vera at the creek – it was freezing!

Just when we thought we’d seen the best of Georgia, we discovered there’s more to be explored. Brian’s college friend, Nate, was getting married in Cornelia. We were able to make a mini-vacation weekend out of the trip and turn Habersham county from a dot on the map to a place pull of life, adventure, and memories.

I happened to mention to a friend from church (Katie) that we were headed that way. Through our conversation, we were able to arrange for her to watch Vera during the wedding and rehearsal dinner and for us to stay with her parents who live in the county.

Why was it a mini-vacation? We got to stay in a beautiful house on the creek, have adventures in some small surrounding towns, and of course, attend and be in a beautiful wedding.


At Mark of the Potter with Mitch and Katie

Mitch and Katie knew all the best local places. We visited the Mark of the Potter, a unique pottery studio literally situated over the creek with a working gristmill built in the 1800s. The potter was even spinning pottery on the wheel while we were there. The mugs were beautiful! On the back porch they had some fish food available to feed the swarming trout below.


Elfmade Toys, the highlight of Vera’s day


Vera painting her name

The next stop was Elfmade Toys in the town of Sautee (pronounced SAW-TEE, not pronounced the French way, “sauté” !) The store was filled with originally-designed wooden toys, handmade from recycled wood. The prices were great and Vera had a blast painting her name and a few other items. Such sweet owners, too – please support them if you visit the area!


bubbles at the Old Sautee Market

Lunch was at the Old Sautee Market across the street. Great sandwiches and a neat bubble station for kids.

For town with a population of 647, Sautee has a lot to offer. The Stovall Covered Bridge (not pictured) is rich with history and was built in 1895. Downtown Clarksville is also a cute town. We had hoped to visit the Soda Fountain Cafe, but learned they are closed on Sundays. We did enjoy Natalie Jane’s Tavern and Sweetbreads, where the rehearsal dinner was held.


Sweetbreads rehearsal dinner





The wedding itself was in Cornelia. It was wonderful to see Nate and Brittany wed, and it was great chance to catch up with friends we don’t see as often as we’d like. I’m so thankful I’m healthy, the baby is healthy, and I’m feeling well enough to spend time with friends and explore. We had a great trip and would love to come back to the area again some day!





this groomsman was my hot date


Brian’s college friends


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