Posted by: Bethany Davis | June 17, 2013

4th anniversary trip :: Ashford Manor B&B

IMG_3095We love to get away together. Although we had a lovely dinner on our actual anniversary, June 7th, we decided a getaway trip was in order. Plus, with the baby coming in August, it was kind of like a 2nd babymoon.

the white room








We packed up and headed east to Watkinsville, Georgia. What was supposed to be a 1.5 hour trip was delayed by Atlanta rush hour, making us very excited when we finally arrived at Ashford Manor Bed and Breakfast. The house, built in 1893, is located on the Antebellum trail and boasted gorgeous gardens complete with a swimming pool. We stayed in the “White Room” and fell in love with it as soon as we opened the door.



We spent the first evening in Athens (only 15 minutes away) and ate at Cali N Titos, a local Latin American place. Turns out the good food and cheap prices make it a pretty popular place, but the wait was worth it. The atmosphere and outdoor seating reminded us of our honeymoon in Cancun!

Saturday we started off the day with an amazing breakfast at the B&B. Mario and his “assistant”, a sweet border collie named “Schroeder,” prepared fresh fruit, quiche, and biscuits. I particularly liked the real silver silverware, elegant tall candlesticks, and bud vase napkin holders (anyone know where I can find some?!).



After breakfast we walked 2 blocks from the front door to the Oconee Farmer’s Market. We found a few treasures including some organically grown leeks (for some paleo soup), Oconee county peaches picked that morning, and some pound cake for Brian’s parents for watching Vera/Father’s Day.

photo[3]As if the fresh peaches weren’t enough, we headed out to pick strawberries at Moon Famers in the nearby town of Colbert. The berries were delicious and the picking was too easy, which resulted in large buckets of berries for us to bring home to Smyrna. Bending over was a little tricky at 32.5 weeks, but my birth coach (Brian!) reminded me that it was a good time to work on my squatting muscles :). Before leaving we enjoyed a bowl of their homemade strawberry ice cream – yum!


Lunch was back in Watkinsville at Kumquat Mae’s Bakery – which we decided was our favorite restaurant of the trip. Brian raved about his nut burger (no veggies or meat – just nuts!) and my ham and gouda sandwiches was delicious. We enjoyed the live music and before leaving the owner sent me away with a free chocolate chip cookie.


During the hot afternoon hours, we had the pool all to ourselves. The house adjacent to the property (leased by Ashford Manor for big events) had a wedding reception with live music and steel drums, which equals private poolside music for us!

Dinner was at Piccolo’s Italian Steakhouse. The half portion of eggplant parmesan was perfect for me. (And don’t worry, it didn’t cause me to go into labor like Scalini’s says it will). We made it back just in time for The Tempest – the Shakespearean play that was being held outside on Ashford Manor’s lawn. We didn’t know this was the weekend for a play when we booked our room, but were pleasantly surprised to find out we received complimentary tickets.

After another amazing breakfast on Sunday (fresh blueberry waffles!), we took a leisurely walk and did some front-porch sittin’ before heading out of town. It was a much needed break for both of us. We’d love to return to Ashford Manor for another visit!



photo from the Ashford Manor blog



  1. Fun! I used to go to church in Watkinsville when I lived in Athens.

    • how neat! we loved the little town.

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