Posted by: Bethany Davis | November 12, 2012

Vera’s Toy Nook

It seems every house with kids has this dilemma — Where do we store the toys?! We wanted Vera to have access to some toys in an area that we also liked to spend time. Yet, we didn’t want our living room taken over by kids stuff. The solution was to get another Ikea expedit, so Vera could access her toys and be able to put them away herself (a very important detail!).

The bins at IKEA were $5 and unfortunately come in only a few colors. So, I happened to see some at Kroger go on sale for $2 each in a lovely lime green/yellow color. (Side note: I’d like to get a little rug in go infront of the expedit, but I’m still on the hunt.)

Notice the “masterpieces” hanging from a piece of wire? (And, no, Vera didn’t color these, that would be my dear husband) The wire was an Ikea inspiration, but the official “DEKA” cost $7, whereas mine was done for free with materials on hand.

As we installed our Ikea shelf, we left the top screws out a little bit so we could wrap some wire around them. Then finished screwing them in to secure the wire. I had some mini, yellow, plastic close pins in my craft stash, too.

The framed art (actual masterpieces!) were a Christmas gift from my college friend, Janna, now an artist in NYC.

The safari-looking mug and the zebra were a gift to Vera from my college roommate, Catherine, who was in Africa last year. (And, is getting ready to go back in a few days!)

We’re happy with the result of what was once an area exploding with toys. So for, its been easy to maintain and adds a little color between our kitchen and living room.



  1. Wow – Brian is really an amazing colorer.

  2. haha… ask him to explain the one on the left sometime…

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