Posted by: Bethany Davis | October 14, 2012

Goodbye icky wood paneling

Confession: I have a thing against wood paneling. I feel claustrophobic. can’t. breathe. want to get out.

And, it makes me think of the 60s. A good era, nonetheless, but the design doesn’t always jive with my modern/vintage vibe. The retro stove in our kitchen? Rockin. The wood paneling room? Not cool.

One condition I had about moving forward with our rental house was painting over the wood. Thankfully, the owners agreed it was hideous. (well, they didn’t exactly use that word, but they were eager to let us do all work to paint it).

I asked for some advice on facebook – What’s the best way to paint over wood paneling? I got some great responses! In the end, we chose to put the extra effort in and sand the walls before painting them. I think this was a wise decision, even though it was a long 2 hours of both of us sanding. I walked away with blisters. ouch.

We used the same paint the owners had used on the other walls – a Behr paint and primer in one. It was expensive to buy the extra gallons, but it went on super smooth. And, we were thankful for friends Phil and Heidi, who let us highjack our evening with them and devote it to painting til 10pm. true friends, right there!

We also had to do something about the wagon wheel nights. They came down when we painted and were replaced with some Ikea track lighting.

The room is still a work in progress, but much more livable and bright with the walls painted and lights updated. My stained glass piece also fits well in the window to the sunroom.

Here’s some other purchases we made:

– a desk at goodwill for $15
– 2×3 rug from Family Dollar for $6
– turquoise curtain panels from Ross for $6/piece

We were able to reuse our barn wood shelves that we made for the Brumby. I’m still looking for a little bench or chair to go by the door to the sunroom and maybe a little table or something for another corner. But, I’m happy the room has come this far! The room has gone for being a storage room (at best) to our master bedroom. Success!


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