Posted by: Bethany Davis | October 11, 2012

Lofted Bed renovations

our original bed design in 2009

After getting married and moving into the Brumby Lofts, we had a crazy idea to make our own lofted bed. With around 700 sq feet of space, we needed as much storage as we could get! (Read the 2009 blog post here and see the final product here).

Even though we loved the bed, we always had the same issue — no where to keep our phones, alarm clocks, etc… at night. We tried building some tall night stands (what the lights are resting on in the picture) with a ledge behind them. But, they were wobbly and just not right fit.

the new re-designed shelf

Brian had a stroke of genius when we decided to reassemble our bed here in our new rental home. (Although we thought we’d be saying good bye forever when we packing it up and put it in storage!) Brian cut another piece of barn wood and attached it to the top of the frame behind our pillows. Now we have a perfect place to put our bendy reading lights (inspired by the ones at the Excellence, where we stayed on our honeymoon, as pictured here next to the pillows).

It’s fun to have our bed back new and improved – with a ledge and a new mattress and low-profile box springs! (and ps – this the former wood paneling room… now a lovely white! more to come on that renovation as well) 🙂




  1. I love the books under the bed!

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