Posted by: Bethany Davis | October 10, 2012

The Smyrna Top Ten List

Even though we use to live 15 minutes away from Smyrna, we knew little about it’s hidden gems. So far, we like what we see! Smyrna is  known as the “Jonquil City,” and I also learned that Julia Roberts grew up here and went to Campbell High School- wow!

We’ve met a lot of people in our demographic (young married with kids) and found some fun family friendly activities. After Brian’s CFA graduation, we made our first visit to the Smyrna Village. Along with my parents we ate at the Corner Taqueria.

During our travels in the Interim Manager Program, we always made our top ten list of things we wanted to do before moving onto our next location. Although we are here indefinitely, it seemed fitting to carry on the tradition.


1 take an overnight trip on silver comet trail. (we right on the Silver Comet extension, meaning we can bike from our house straight to Alabama!)

2 start a geocache on the Silver Comet Extension.

3 visit passion city church

4 visit charles stanley’s church

5 go to the world of coke. (Brian’s been before, but I haven’t!)

6 check out the margaret mitchell house

7 go to the smyrna library & eat at the market village

food truck night on Tuesdays at Taylor-Brawner park

9 drink a latte at rev coffee (only 1/2 a mile from us!)

10 run in the atlanta half marathon on March 17th.

Foodie Bonus: Go to Pappasitos Wednesday 1/2 price fajitas and enjoy some frozen yogurt at Cowlicks.


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