Posted by: Bethany Davis | October 8, 2012

CFA graduation

You know those season of life when it seems everything big is happening at once? Well, I do – it’s been happening now! And, frankly, I care too much about enjoying the moment to stop and blog about it. If I had to chose between the two – the blog would definitely come in last. So, thank you for forgiving me on the tardy updates. 😉

Last Monday, Brian started as operator in Chick-fil-A store in Buckhead. It was a full week with getting staff in place and passing the health score with a whooping 99! I was amazed every night that Brian had plenty of energy and attention to devote to me and Vera, too. He’s my hero (seriously).

After Brian’s week at FRL training, CFA threw a fun graduation celebration at the home office. My parents were able to fly in and Brian’s parents attended as well. Even though I’d been to corporate many times before (with IMPACT 360), I saw it with new eyes as the wife of a new operator. We had a backstage tour of the office and then following graduation, Brian took us on a tour of CFA’s new training space. SCAD students were in the process of crafting a creative space – it looked amazing! Think they’ll come do our house for us?

Here’s a few pictures that capture our exciting day, including getting a handshake from Truett himself…

Brian’s grand entrance in to the graduation ceremony (cue music and cheering!)

new training space at the home office


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