Posted by: Bethany Davis | September 20, 2012

some “grown-up” purchases

After being in the house for a week, it was time for Brian to leave for his two week FRL (Fundamentals of Restaurant Leadership) class. Since he had to stay away from home, I was thrilled that my mom was able to fly in and help me unpack and do some cleaning. The house was built in 1961, and there were some surfaces I’m pretty sure hadn’t been cleaned since that time. That’s about 50 years of dust to put it in perspective. Check out the picture to see how the chandelier came clean after mom put some elbow grease into it. wow!

In our adult lives, Brian and I haven’t had too many “grown-up” purchases to make. Our first home was 700 sq feet and we’ve been on the road for the past year. So lately we’ve had to make a few, including a new mattress and box springs and an area rug. We’ve also made some grown-up purchases that fit a college kid’s budget… One of those buys was two green arm chairs from craigslist. They were abandoned by a college student’s roommate who in turn decided to make a few bucks. The listing only had one chair, but when we got to the house near Emory, I noticed (under neath all cat hair) that there was a matching chair. They sold us both for $20!

One of our first date nights since moving back was to IKEA. We needed something to store Vera’s toys in, and decided the expedit would do the job. We ran through the store as it was about to close, and made a few fun purchases (one of which included some soft serve ice cream!). I was reminded that IKEA-speak is not one of my first languages, making finding the item we wanted in the warehouse section a little tricky.

Another big project was the wood paneling room that was to be our bedroom. The house is a 3 bedroom 1.5 bath, but the rooms are super small and the full bath is in the hallway rather than in the master. So, we decided to get creative. We painted the paneling room white, used the smallest of the bedrooms as a dressing room/craft room, and left the true master as a guest room. By doing this, it was like gaining another bedroom! But, we learned painting over wood paneling is not for the faint of heart…more to come on that!




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