Posted by: Bethany Davis | September 14, 2012

trekking across America: walkin in Memphis

the mamas and babies

This is the part in our journey that we had to be very strategic in planning. Driving from Colorado to Tennessee would take 3 days with Vera, and they would not be fun days for her or us cooped up in a car.

So, we decided to be creative and fly Vera and I from Colorado Springs to Memphis to spend a little time with our old Columbus, GA, friends, the Stewarts. Their daughter, Molly, is a few months older than Vera and it was so sweet to watch them interact. Getting there, however, did go as seamlessly as we planned.

the dads and babbies

My connecting flight was delayed for about 30 minutes which meant I missed my next flight to Memphis. It’s amazing how people who seemed nice on the plane can turn into a hot mess when they get in front of the airline counter. I waiting in a long line of people from my flight chewing out the attendant for missing their next flight.  I do no envy their job one bit! When I finally got to the counter they told me the next flight to Memphis was 9 pm and wouldn’t arrive until after midnight. Not what I wanted to hear. It was looking like a long day for Vera and I in the airport.

exploring the zoo

After walking toward our new gate and saw a new customer service counter and decided to give it one more shot. Did they have any other options for me?! The lady was super nice and offered to book me on a different airline instead. Seriously, this was an answer to prayer! We left that afternoon from a different terminal and arrived around 7pm. I was so thankful!

However, our luggage didn’t come until the next morning, but the Stewarts hooked up with all the baby stuff we needed. Brian arrived the following night and a tremendously long and dull drive across what he says are the most boring states in the US. Finally we were reunited and enjoyed an extra day all together in Memphis.

The Stewarts took us to the zoo and introduced us to Muddy’s Bake Shop and some delicious bbq. It was great to catch up and see the girls together before our final descent… to Atlanta!


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