Posted by: Bethany Davis | September 11, 2012

Simple gift wrapping

Simplicity has been a theme of our blog from day one. We are always looking to conserve resources, money, and use our creativity. When Vera’s friend, Joshua, turned three a few weeks ago, I put together a little gift. I thought I’d share how I incorporated our value of simplicity and included Vera in the process.

Since we just moved in to a new home, we have a lot of boxes and packing paper lying around. Most of it is waiting to be recycled, but I found a salvaged piece to use as wrapping paper.

A plain white-wrapped gift would be no fun for a three year old to receive, so I asked Vera if she wanted to color on it for me. She said yes (shocker, I know, since she is dying to color on every surface in the house!) ;), and did a beautiful job decorating. It was fun activity for the afternoon and a way to include her in giving to others.




  1. Great coloring, Vera! We like to do this with the back side of paper bags too. Personal messages and pictures are way more fun on homemade wrapping paper as opposed to the expensive store-bought stuff! Love your simplicity and creativity!

  2. It was a great idea for sure! Joshua loved it and so did we. And he LOVES the puzzle, too! The straw glasses are soaking in warm soapy water as I type…I’ll take a video the first time he uses them. 🙂

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