Posted by: Bethany Davis | September 6, 2012

trekking across america: a Colorado Springs wedding

Jon Jon was one of our IMPACT 360 students during our first year on staff, and it was a joy to see him say “I do” to an amazing gal, Megan. Their wedding was held in a quaint chapel in downtown Colorado Springs. They had some thoughtful wedding touches — like a photobooth, crochet set up on the lawn, and vintage themed table decorations.

We were able to connect with Haley, the wedding photographer (check out her website — Finding Muchness Films!), Skag (who is pursuing acting in Los Angeles), and Brad (who was a groomsmen in our wedding). It’s neat to see how diversified the I360 alum are and how they are using their skills and passions.




I’m not sure what’s next for Jon Jon and Megan, but it’s going to be neat to see where God leads them. As part of their guestbook, they had guests write out what they thought the couple’s life would look like in 10 years. I bet they will get a kick looking back on those! Since we’ve been married (3.5 years), I’m continually surprised by what God is up to. It’s never what I expect and sometimes not what I want, but I trust it’s always glorifying to Him. And, will always be an adventure if I see it as such!

So, Cheers… to more adventures!!!

catching up with Brad




  1. Aw man, it was awesome seeing you guys! Wish I could have met Vera. Come stay with us soon!

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