Posted by: Bethany Davis | September 1, 2012

trekking across America: 1st stop, Colorado

At 5 am, we set out from Utah toward our first night’s destination — Westminster, Colorado, a suburb of Denver. In the midst of the 8-hour drive, guess how many playground stops we made? THREE. This is little gal had a lot of energy to get out.

1. Little America, Wyoming, where the city is composed of a grandiose rest stop, was our first stop.





2. Next we made it to Washington Park in Rawlings, Wy, and even tried to do some geocaching. The highlight? Seeing a deer roaming the neighborhood.

3. Lastly, we drove a little ways off the interstate to a park in Fort Collins, with only about an hour left to go. So close!

Our interim manager friends, Dave & Dana, we so kind to let us stay at their place while they were away on a ministry retreat. Since their townhome was furnished by corporate housing (like all our CFA lodging), it felt a little bit like home.

When we were eating dinner a quick shower passed through. On the way out we spotted this gorgeous rainbow in the parking lot. Looking up at it we explained to Vera how God had displayed a rainbow for Noah and promised never again to destroy the earth. What a great reminder for us too! In the midst of what felt like a crazy trip – driving across the country with an 15 month old, we were comforted that the Lord is with us. God keeps His promises!

We were able to see some other friends in the area and get a good nights rest before our next part of the trip — Colorado Springs.


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