Posted by: Bethany Davis | August 31, 2012

Bingham Copper Mine

Vera “helping” us pack

Back in Utah, we had three days to pack our townhome and start our epic move across the country. Thankfully, we had a furnished place so we didn’t have any furniture to move, just stuff to put in boxes. We managed to squeeze everything into my xterra, minus a few boxes that were shipped.

the massive tires used on trucks that transport the ore

One of our last nights there, we decided to fit in one more adventure — the Bingham Canyon Copper Mine. We learned that is the deepest open-pit mine in the world and astronauts can even recognize it from space.  (so now if we ever go on a space ship, we can look down and say, “I’ve been there!”)
We watched a very informative video in the visitors center that explained how the metals are mined and refined. The earth starts out with less 1% of naturally occurring copper, but is refined to 100% through the process. We also learned that some of the metals found here are eventually made into the olympic medals – how neat! I can’t say the visit was our most exhilarating venture in Utah, but definitely interesting and finally explained the big bald spot we kept seeing on the side of the mountains.

We couldn’t leave Utah without visiting our favorite pizza joint, The π. We  shared a delicious bbq chicken cilantro pizza. YUM!

Vera in one of the old buckets used to lift miners in and out of the mines


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