Posted by: Bethany Davis | August 26, 2012

Competition Date Nite

dinner served as a warm-up event

Brian and I faced off on a progressive date night in Taylorsville, Utah. The idea was to compete in 5 different areas, combining brains and body:

1. trivia  :: Buffalo Wild Wings

2. an eating contest :: Buffalo Wild Wings

3. mad gaming skills :: arcade

4. physical ability :: disc golf course

5. strategy :: card games at Starbucks

This would have worked great, only my plan was dashed when I found out the closest Buffalo Wild Wings was 45 minutes away. So, we went a different route and opted for some Phở, a Vietnamese soup, at Phở Biên Hòa, before the competition began.

the winners!

In the same shopping center as Phở Biên Hòa, was our next stop: a Nickelcade! I didn’t know these still existed, but there are several in the valley. We used a BOGO coupon to get in, and then loaded up on the quarters. The retro games brought us back as played games like pinball, shoot the mouth, Jurassic park, and skeeball. We even found a DDR game and broke a sweat. Who won? Well, it’s hard to say as we pooled our tickets to get the best prizes we could. We left with fun dip, nerd rope, and a spinning top for Vera. Not bad for a couple bucks! 🙂

A few miles away is the Taylorsville disc golf course, where Brian schooled me. Until I learn the back-hand flip thing he does, I don’t think I stand a chance. It was a nice course in a park with wide open spaces and a few trees. We played until the sunset — the colorful sky was brilliant (see the photo at the bottom).

the winner


To close the night, we went to Starbucks and played cribbage, our old standby card game, and enjoyed some lattes. Since nothing is open late in utah, we had to end our game early at the skunk line. And, Brian was once again triumphant, beating me handily.

We tried to put on our game faces and bring some trash talk, but we ended up having too much fun to focus on winning. It seems every couple has a few games that they’ve learned it’s not wise to play together… someone gets their feelings hurt when they lose, or the cutting competition takes away the fun. We have a few of those games (ahem… speed scrabble!), and decided to save those for another time. Have any games or activities that are “bad” for your relationship?

The competition date night turned out to be out last date night in Utah, as we found out a week later that a move was in our near future… (cue epic music… tune in next time for details…)

yes, Brian won again!



  1. I think Megan and I will do thisw as a team against a couple friend… Great Idea!

    • ooo! good idea! let us know how it goes!

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