Posted by: Bethany Davis | August 11, 2012

Yellowstone Trip (part 2)

Yellowstone is huge. It touches Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho — all states I had never been to before this trip! WE were prepared to do a lot of driving in the park, but everyone’s “ooos” and “awes” keep us stopping pretty frequently to take it all in.

Day two of Yellowstone we took a different route. Once we came through the west entrance we headed north toward Mammoth Hot Springs. It was amazing to see how many different types of geology and nature where inside the park.

We drove past lots of paint pots, lakes, and geysers before we arrived at the hot springs. Vera was a trooper in the car – she was sporting the rock star look with the windows down!

Mammoth Hot Springs is formed as hot water from the spring cooled and deposited calcium carbonate.  The result is beautiful! We debated about what route to take, and I’m so glad we chose this one.


Since Brian and I have enjoyed seeing the west together (both of us for the first time), we’ve had a conversation about what we want to take our kids to and at what age. Here’s a short list we’ve come up with so far: redwoods, red rock arches, yellowstone, Niagara Falls. Any thing you think we should add?



Yellowstone was a great experience for us to share with my parents. We’re so thankful they could join us!











  1. Other great places to take your kids are important historical sites like the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. If we forget our nation’s history, we lose our freedom.

    • good suggestions!

  2. And we sure loved exploring Yellowstone with you three! Such a special time – and I am still so grateful that Brian didn’t fall backwards in that one photo shoot!!! Phew!

  3. Places to visit – Gettysburg – bring your mom and dad when you come.

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