Posted by: Bethany Davis | August 9, 2012

Yellowstone Trip (part 1)

Being in Salt Lake City, we are only 5.5 hours from the western entrance to Yellowstone National Park. We HAD to go! So my parents flew in from NC and we made the drive north.

We stopped to eat in the tiny town of Malad, Idaho, which is mentioned in Napoleon Dynamite as the town next to Preston, where Napoleon is from. We found a great Mom and Pop Place, Me & Lou’s, for lunch.

Our next stop was a rest area between Shelly and Blackfoot, that had trails through the lava formations. We stretched our legs and even found a couple of geocaches.

The last leg of the trail felt long, as the five of us were pretty packed in my xterra. We finally made it to the town of West Yellowstone that night in time for dinner at Pete’s and a rodeo.


The next morning we entered the park, which was about a mile from our hotel. Unfortunately, I think everyone else was headed to the park at the same time, resulting in a long traffic jam for the first 15 miles. By the time we got to a picnic area, we were hungry and thankful we had stopped at the grocery store in town for some subs and snacks. It felt great to stretch our legs and eat by a river.

Old Faithful was our next stop in the park. So far, we had been mostly navigating our way based on a book I picked up at the library, Yellowstone Treasures. We didn’t know Old Faithful’s schedule  that day, but to our surprise, we arrived only eight minutes before it was going to erupt! (Not that it would have been a huge deal if we had missed it, since it goes off every 91 minutes).

It was quite an experience – gathered around with people from all over the world watching a hole in the ground. Then, suddenly, a gurgling, and spray of water begins to grow. People were talking in different languages, cheering, and clapping. Amazing!



We had hoped to see some wildlife, but didn’t expect to see bison this close up! This guy walked right down the center lane and directly by our car. wow!


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