Posted by: Bethany Davis | July 28, 2012

A trip to West Texas

outside The Big Texan

At the beginning of July, Vera and I took a trip to see Catherine, my college roommate in Amarillo, Texas. It had been several years since we saw each other, and Catherine’s first time meeting Vera. It was so fun to reminiscence and make some new memories.

If you know anyone from TX, then you know how proud Texans are of their state. Catherine took us to The Big Texan, and it lived up to it’s name… it was big and full of texas paraphernalia. They sell a 72 oz steak – if you eat it in 60 minutes, then its free. If not, well, you have to pay 70 bucks. Neither of us were up for the task. Man vs. Food completed the task in 29 minutes!





We also ate at the Burger Bar, a less touristy place with excellent burgers!

Catherine had the opportunity to spend last summer at “Jesus. Hobbs House of Hope,” an orphanage in Kenya. She got to do some amazing things: love on kids, go on a safari, and provide photography and graphic design for the orphanage. In about a month, Catherine is going to return for a week and half to help lead a different group of women as they go to minister.

playing in the dry ice chamber (no, she’s not smoking a hookah or something)



We got to see first hand how Catherine is using her design talents at the Amarillo Discovery Center. Her design pieces were amazing! Vera also got to play at the center and loved all the different things that roll, spin, and make noise.

We had a great weekend, and it was sad to say our goodbyes. I’m so thankful for loyal friends that are willing to keep in touch long distance — especially when we are moving all over the nation!


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