Posted by: Bethany Davis | July 12, 2012

Cow Appreciation Day cow tail tutorial

Cow Appreciation Day is TOMORROW — July 13th! yay! So if you need a little extra for your cow outfit, you can whip together this easy cow tail. After finishing the cow ears, I had enough fabric left to make a little cow tail for Vera.

Vera sporting her cow tail


Cow Tail Tutorial

step 1

Supplies: cow print fabric, black fleece, black thread, needle, scissors, pins

Difficulty: Easy

Time Commitment: 20 minutes

Step 1: Cut a 12″ x 4″ strip of the cow fabric. Straight rolling a strip of black fleece that is around 12″ or less in length. Roll it to a desired thickness, as this will go inside of the cow fabric. Set this roll aside.

step 2







Step 2: Cut about 10 strips of black fleece — 4″ x 1/4″. Fold them in half and hold in one hand (see picture). Stitch all the way the folds to connect them together, then reconnect the thread to where you started stitching. Then attach the fleece strips to the end of the fleece roll.

step 3




Step 3: Pin one of the long edges of the cow print fabric, with the pins on the print side. Lay the fleece roll inside the cow print (on the non-print side) and roll it up so the black doesn’t show. The non-pinned side of the  cow fabric should be on the inside of the roll, and the pinned edge showing.

step 4






Step 4: Secure the fabric by adding some pins. (And just pretend those black stitches are pins also… I unnecessarily sewed this part!)

step 5, 6





Step 5: Stitch closed the cow fabric around the black fleece strips. To match the gathering on the cow ears, I pulled the thread taunt before knotting it.  Then use a back stitch to sew together the sides of the cow fabric.

Step 6:
To finish up the top of the tail, you can simply sew it together, or add a suspender clip. I didn’t have any on hand, but might add one later.



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