Posted by: Bethany Davis | July 10, 2012

Midvale Food Trucks

Midvale, our home for the past 4 months, has been dubbed “Little Mexico” — which means we have some great ethnic food to enjoy! We’ve tried out a few of the downtown places, such as El Fario and Leatherby’s, but nothing beats the two food trucks on 7800.First we visited Tacos Imperio. The menu has some pretty crazy items — Brian was brave enough to try the skunk, which the gal in line in front of us recommended. (eww!)

Tacos Imperio carne asada taco



We both enjoyed the carne asade tacos the best. The street tacos were only $1 each, so we decided to get some Mexican cokes, too. We took our food over to West Jordan Park, just a few blocks away, and had a picnic by the playground.

The In & Out Arepas truck

The second food truck we tried was Arepas In & Out (a play off of In & Out Burger?). It’s a simple menu and some excellent Latin Food. The cornbread-type breading was fresh and the beef was very tender.

The In & Out Arepas’ In & Out Arepas (that’s a mouthful!)


I opted for the In & Out Arepas, which had beef and shrimp, and Brian went for the Especial de Carne.

Arepas In & Out shares a parking lot with a Mexican Grocery, so you can even finish your meal off with a fruit popsicle.




What’s next? Well, Brian found a pizza truck in the sugarhouse area we might have to try at Gallavan Ave food truck day on July 19th.

“Gringos Welcome.” 🙂


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