Posted by: Bethany Davis | July 7, 2012

Cow Appreciation Day costume tutorial

July 13th is a big day for Chick-fil-A…an unofficial yet nationally recognized holiday (according to CFA’s website)…. it’s Cow Appreciation Day! Dress like a cow and you get a free meal. sweet!

I scoured the web for cow costume ideas and found some picture of ears and tail, but no templates or instructions on how to make one (without a sewing machine). Being the wife of a CFA interim manager, I decided it was my duty to create one. So here goes!

Chick-fil-A Cow Ears



Time commitment: 2 hours
Difficulty: moderate
Supplies: cow print fabric (I found mine at Jo-ann’s), black fleece, fabric-covered black headband (I found mine at Dollar Tree), non-corrugated cardboard, scissors, black thread, a needle, pins, pen, paper, template download, ruler (optional)

Step 1



>Step 1: Download template and cut out two of the the adult and/or child ears. Trace the ears with a pen on the cow fabric, then cut them out. (Tip: flip the pattern for one of the cow print and black fabric pieces so the ears curve the right direction when you assemble them)

Step 2


Step 2: Pin the cow print to the black fabric. Use a running stitch around the edges with black thread, leaving the bottom unsewn.

Step 3, 4





Step 3:Fold your cardboard in half and cut a piece that will fit into the cow ear (touching the tip of the ear)  and have enough at the bottom to wrap around the headband (mine was 5 3/4″ x 3/4″).

Step 4: Cut out a piece of cow fabric that will snugly wrap around around the part of the cardboard hanging out from the cow ears.

Step 5, 6, 7


Step 5: Using a cross stitch, sew the fabric closed around the end of the cardboard.

Step 6: Attach the fabric covered cardboard piece to the BOTTOM LAYER of the ear ONLY, using just a few stitches to hold it in place. (and ignore my ugly chipping nails in the picture!)

Step 7: Sew all the way across the ear through all layers, EXCEPT when you get to the cardboard, then ONLY dew across the top layer (see picture).

Step 8



Step 8:Now, pull the thread taunt so the fabric ripples and tie a knot to hold it in place. Your ear should look like the picture. (thankfully I did something about the nail polish in this picture!)

Step 9



Step 9:Look in a mirror and hold the ears in the place to see what height you want them on the headband. I marked mine with a little pen so I’d remember where to put them. Then place the ear behind the headband and wrap the cardboard piece all the way around and tuck the end under so it stays firmly in place. Slip your threaded needle all the way through from the back to the front, catching the fabric and the headband. Do a couple stitches until you feel it won’t jiggle around.

Step 10

Step 10:Repeat on the other side. And, voila! You are done!

I’ll be sure to post pictures with Vera’s entire outfit, but for now, here’s a preview of Brian and Vera with their ears on. (Vera had a 105 fever this day, so that’s way she looks a little groggy 😦 )



  1. Thanks for the tutorial, I stayed up late last night making ears for our little heard they are so cute!

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