Posted by: Bethany Davis | July 1, 2012

E.T. summer movie

we couldn’t get Vera to stop eating popcorn long enough to take a family picture!

The weather is perfect here in Utah after the sun goes down. No humidity, and no bugs! We wanted to catch an outdoor movie this summer (here’s the movie calendar), and decided last Friday night would be the perfect one. Snowbird Ski Resort was playing the 80s classic, E.T. Which, Brian informed me, is his second favorite movie (only after Gladiator).

So we packed up some popcorn, soda, and blankets are headed up Cottonwood Canyon with Vera in tow.

Remember that part in the movie where E.T. eats Elliot’s Reese’s pieces? Well, It had been a while since I’d seen the movie, and I thought they were peanut butter M&Ms… so I brought a bag for us to share. oops! Brian says M&M turned down the request to have their product in the movie, but Reese’s agreed and the movie’s surprising success gave them new popularity.

The movie was free to watch and chairs were even provided. It was chillier than we thought it would be, but we snuggled up and had a great time. The movie was projected from the roof of the building (pictured on the left) to the side of another (pictured on the right) — the mountains in the background were incredible.

It was Vera’s first movie, and she LOVED the popcorn! (In fact, I think she ate more than Brian!)

dancing with daddy to some 80s tunes before the show


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