Posted by: Bethany Davis | June 19, 2012

Lessons learned on the road

We are now into our 8th month of the Chick-fil-A interim manager program — hard to believe it’s been that long already! As I’ve been thinking back on our time, I’ve had some reflections on friendships and how to plug in while constantly in a state of transition. I realize what we are experiencing is the norm for some people, like the military folks. I am much more aware of the support they need as putting down roots is difficult.

“Home” is difficult to define. I think our fellow interim manager friends, the Taplin’s, illustrate that well. Dana (mom) said, “Driving back from the lake, going back to my parents house , our 4 year old asked where we were going. I told her we were going home, to which she responded, ‘Which home?'”

looking out over Salt Lake City from our hike at Bell’s Canyon

We are definitely not doing everything right, but here’s some things I’ve learned I am learning:

Don’t wait for the perfect time to do what is important to you. The right time may never come, or if may be farther off than you are willing to sacrifice for. If you can make time for things that are important to you now, when it is difficult, how much easier it will be later on or in any circumstance.

Some friendships are long-life, and others are for a season. Yes, life-long friends are invaluable and like fresh air to the soul, but it is not possible to have all your relationships fall into this category. Being on the go, we don’t know how long we’ll have to invest in friendship or church community. However, this does not mean relationships or impossible or not necessary!

Influencing others does not take years or months to happen. I can think of countless people that I’ve only met briefly (a few hours, maybe) and others I’ve never met whose lives and stories have influenced my life. It is a myth that Brian and I (and Vera) cannot be used by the Lord to minister to people’s lives right now. So what if we leave in a few weeks? God does not have a time limit on how He wants to use us. The important thing is to be aware of where He puts you and obedient to invest in those around you.

Home is where the heart is. Cliche, yes — but, true. “Home” does not consist of things or a location. Those things are extra to be enjoyed with the people you love. My belongings may be in a storage unit back in Georgia, but my home is always with me. Some families in the Interim Manager (IM) program choose for the husband to travel away to assignment, leaving the rest of the family at home. The husband will visit once a month via a flight provided by CFA. It is AWESOME of Chick-fil-A to provide this, yet, we decided for our family this was not the best option. We wanted to do this together. With a a few belongings packed in my car (well, actually it was almost overflowing!), we’ve trekked around the US.

Challenges are adventures, not obstacles to overcome. This mindset is a MUST when you live a transient life. Our best adventures together have happened because we had a curve ball thrown our way. Being in the interim manager program has evoked our creative powers and helped us see the glass half full. Utah, although quite far from the south where we grew up, is an amazing state that we are so thankful we get to enjoy for the time being.

Our marriage has to be number one. So many other things are vying for our attention, most of which are good things! For example, we want Brian’s career to take off and we want to be closer to settling down in a store of our own, but we cannot sacrifice our marriage to achieve that. We still need date nights and family time! Sadly, we have heard of marriages that did not make it through the IM program. How awful it would be for the husband to achieve the goal of owning his own CFA, yet not having his wife apart of it. One of our overarching goals is to let our marriage be an example of how Christ loves the Church. I’m thankful we can continue to do this through the many different season of life.

Our lives are definitely better as a result of being in the Interim Manager Program. Thanks, Chick-fil-A, for the opportunity to learn and grow!



  1. Thank you for sharing this blog! My husband has in IM interview in a couple of weeks. I’m trying to find out as much as I can about the program from families that have actually been in it. 🙂

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