Posted by: Bethany Davis | June 18, 2012

the 1st birthday celebration continues!

almost walking!

We finally made it to Georgia (our first time back since moving to Utah) and Brian’s family threw a little party for Vera! Nana and Pappy were excellent hosts and Aunt Leslie did an incredible job with decorations and some of the food. Her blog post captures so many of her wonderful touches — you’ve got to check it out! We’re so thankful for our family!

Vera is getting closer to walking, but still prefers moving around at lightning speed on her knees. She got some good practice during our visit. Vera also LOVES dogs! With three dogs her size running around the house there was never a dull moment. Dillion, pictured next to her, was her little buddy. They followed each other around – so cute! Auntie Brittany also has 2 cats and a rabbit. The rabbit was a great sport and even let Vera touch his whiskers.

yes, we are the proud parents 🙂

And, Vera even had her own smash cake to devour. This time she decided there had to be another way that daintily using her hands, so she tried dipping her whole face down into the cake!

It was also a joy to attend our church, Stonebridge, after being away since last October. Being on the road so much and in and out of churches, it is a blessing to have a solid home base that can send us out (almost like the commissioning of missionaries!).

It was great to be back, but as always, too quick! Hopefully we’ll be back soon!


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