Posted by: Bethany Davis | June 11, 2012

3rd Anniversary: festivities

When we were first married, money was super tight (not that we’re struck gold now either!). So, we had to be really creative finding ways to celebrate our marriage. One anniversary tradition we started is to make a card for one another.

Ironically, this year we both had the same idea  — a pop-up card! (can you tell we’ve been reading fun kids books?) Neither of us were very successful, but we had to chuckle that we had the same thought. Brian’s card turned out the best with many memories listed on the front from the past year.

This year I spent a grand total of 8 bucks on decor. For the bedroom, I purchased 10 gold and silver helium balloons, then hung 10 wedding pictures with 10 things I love about Brian written on the back. You can see in the picture how they made a canopy over the bed.

In the garage, I used some sidewalk chalk to write  some messages for Brian to read as he pulled his car in… “This spot reserved 4 sexy” and “Happy Anniversary!”

Another tradition I started (on the day of our wedding) is to hand-stitch on a handkerchief a lyric from the song Brian wrote for me when he proposed. I don’t have a picture up of the handkerchief from our 2nd anniversary, but here is one from the wedding and 1st.

Listening to the song it brings back memories of the night Brian proposed. Here’s the lyrics:

The Horizon Looks a Little Brighter Every Day
{By Brian Andrew Davis}

And for so long I was lost at sea
Jaded and alone aboard the vessel of me
But then you came along with your Truth-centered keel
You pulled me onboard and offered me your wheel

You have awakened the man in my soul.

So let’s do this together
Let’s live our love
And let’s follow after Jesus
And let that be enough

And now there are so many things that we get to pursue

With our vessels together: the ship of me and you
We will look to the horizon. we’re chasing after the Son
His glorious sea to explore, our journey has just begun

And the love He’s made in us
It won’t waterlog or rust
Into our sails grace will blow
This love will continue to grow


As we leave from this port
The journey of life is short
But if you will sail away with me
Then I will guide you toward eternity


And the horizon looks a little brighter everyday.


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