Posted by: Bethany Davis | June 9, 2012

Third Anniversary: dinner in Park City

It was a joy to celebrate three truly AMAZING years of marriage. We are so blessed to experience the Lord’s love for the us through our commitment to one another.

Even though we couldn’t do a weekend getaway to celebrate this year, we opted for an evening “vacation” in Park City. It brought back memories to dawn the pearl earrings and necklace I wore on our wedding day (and thanks to a Plato’s Closet sale, I got the rest of my outfit for $12!).

Park City is about 45 minutes away from our town home and it’s the site of the 2002 winter games as well as the Sundance Film Festival. The main street is full of unique shops, local restaurants, and the ski lift even drops skiiers off at its base during the winter.

We decided to dine at Cafe Terigo, a fine Italian restaurant on main street. Over a leisurely dinner, we recounted the highlights of the past year and what we hope our 4th year of marriage will look like. One of our goals is to continue good communication with respect and openness.

After dinner, we meandered through the downtown. My favorite boutique here is definitely Olive and Tweed. If money grew on trees, my wardrobe would look be from here! Then before heading to dessert, we did a little photo shoot of each other.

the beautiful drive away from Park City

To close the evening we headed back to West Jordan to a spot we’d be eyeing — The Chocolate.

With some many yummy cakes in front of us, we asked for some help in making a decision. They shop keeper described the cakes in levels of chocolateness — ranging from “the husband” (moist yellow cake layers separated by milk chocolate ganache, drenched in more ganache and dressed with chocolate mosaic pieces) to the “brooklyn blackout” (luscious, sweet chocolate cake paired with a dark chocolate filling and rich dark chocolate frosting). And, we went for the Brooklyn Blackout!

Now entering our fourth year of marriage, I guess we technically can’t consider ourselves “newlyweds” any more. (maybe the blog header needs an update?!). But, our attraction to each other hasn’t waned, and devotion and love seems to grow every day!



  1. Wow, it just dawned on me that my husband and I celebrate our fourth anniversary in October… and we really aren’t newlyweds anymore either. Kind of amazing, because I feel as though we still are! Ha, ha. Time goes by SO fast!

  2. Oh, I love this! what a sweet date! i love both of you very much and your marriage is an inspiration. i hope to have a marriage that resembles yours. i truly mean that.

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