Posted by: Bethany Davis | June 3, 2012

Alyeska Resort

yay for family vacations

See that rounded building on the left of the photos? That’s Alyeska (‘ally-eska’) Resort — where we had the pleasure of spending two nights. Alyeska is an Aleut (indigenous people of Alaska) word meaning “great land of white to the east.”

The resort has a tram that ascends from the base of Mount Alyeska to the 2,300-feet above sea level Glacier Terminal. The lift operator told us when to jump so we’d get some hang time… I tried it and it worked! Amazingly, the ski season lasted until Memorial Day — meaning we could have skied if we wanted.

ready to ride the tram up the mountain

Instead of hitting the slopes, we spent some time each day at the pool and hot tub after our day’s activities. Our room was delightful — a beautiful view of the snow-covered mountain outside the window and  some French doors to close off the bedroom. This meant there was plenty of room to set up Vera’s pack-n-play on the other side, giving us a little time to ourselves after she went to bed.

the main course at Seven Glaciers

Our first morning there, we enjoyed breakfast at the Bake Shop — where the locals eat. We loved the sourdough pancakes so much when Cody made them, we decided to try them again.

Our other meals we had at the resort, with the most memorable being at Seven Glaciers. We wanted to ride the tram up the mountain, but it cost $20/person — unless you had advanced reservations at the Seven Glaciers. So, we decided this was our chance for a nice meal. We both picked the special, a 3-Course Prix Fixe Menu. Everything was delicious!

Cheers! complimentary gazpacho before our meals

Enjoying the view and riding the tram back down to Alyeska was the perfect way to conclude our Alaska trip. We were wondering how Vera would do with the time change, long day-light hours, and full schedule… but she was wonderful! Alaska is great places for families. If she could talk, if I think she’d tell us her favorite parts were the pool and the dogs at the dog sled adventure. We fit a lot into a few days, and will not soon forget our time here!

beautiful view at the end of the day at top of Alyeska Mountain


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