Posted by: Bethany Davis | June 1, 2012

An Alaskan Wedding

After a fun morning in downtown Anchorage, it was time for the main event: Cameron and Joanna’s wedding. The ceremony was outside on the top of a chalet in Kincaid Park, not far from the airport (see the plane approaching in the far right of the photo above?). It was a gorgeous park with a disc golf course, trails, and of course, some wildlife. A state deputy I ran into was investigating a moose attack that was report just moments before the wedding. (yikes!) The weather was lovely — and so was the bride.

Joanna wore her grandmother’s gown (with a few alterations) and a birdcage veil. Juggling a 1 year old and a camera doesn’t make for good pictures during the ceremony, so I look forward to seeing what pictures Tiffany comes up with! Joanna’s flowers are forget-me-nots, the Alaska state flower. They even had little packets of seeds as a guest gifts at the reception.

Cameron was equally handsome in his suit and striped tie. But, he wasn’t glowing until his bride appeared during the ceremony. 🙂

At the end other isle was a bear skin where the bride and groom knelt to pray together. The mothers came upfront and said a prayer over the new couple. What a neat idea! After the ceremony, we let Vera have a look at the bear. She loves fuzzy animals!

My husband (just as dashing as he was on our wedding day) ran the sound for the ceremony. I think his bow-tie fits the job, don’t you? It was a great find the week before at our vintage date night.

We enjoyed celebrating with Joanna and Cameron as they embark on a journey that will mold and shape them like no other! After showering birdseed on the couple as they headed out to their honeymoon (or dumping birdseed in Josh’s case), we headed off to see more of the great state of Alaska.

Next post: a helicopter and dog sled ride on top of a glacier!


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