Posted by: Bethany Davis | May 31, 2012

A trip to ALASKA!

When Cameron and Joanna told us that they were planning their wedding in Alaska, we thought there was no way we’d be able to make it. But, as the date approached it began to look like a reality…

Cameron is a former IMPACT 360 student of ours, and we treasure the opportunity to attend as many of our student’s weddings as possible — especially when they take us to fun places! I had never been to the Last Frontier before, and Brian had only gone once in 7th grade on a choir tour. (a choir tour? yes, a choir tour. I guess he was pretty good. my choir never went to Alaska…)

view on the drive from Girdwood to Seward

a welcome basket for Josh

The adventure actually began the night before we left. Josh, another IMPACT 360 alum, (and the best man in the wedding) was flying stand-by from ATL to AK. But, he got stuck in Salt Lake City (after two days in airports) and we invited him to stay at our home. And, he was on our flight out the next day!

We arrived on Friday night and made our way to our gracious hosts, friends of the bride and groom. One of their sons (Tim) is a tour guide for an Alaskan Railway company, and had some great tips of what to do in town.

Per his suggestion, we ate pizza at Moosetooth’s. We also stopped at Earthquake Park and learned about the quake in 1964 that dumped part of the city in the ocean and derailed the rails across the state. At a 9.2 magnitude, it was the third most powerful earthquake ever recorded anywhere. And, over one thousand times more powerful than the 1989 San Francisco earthquake!

yummy sourdough pancakes

On Saturday we had delicious homemade sourdough pancakes from our host, Cody. WOW! I found some recipes I just might have to try at home. Then it was off to the Anchorage Market Festival in downtown.

It was very family friendly with buckets of chalk out for the kids to play with. Vera loved it! When it was time to go, she was throwing a tantrum because she didn’t want to leave, and her (formerly white) socks looked like they’d been tied dyed from the different chalk colors.

fun with chalk!

Reindeer sausage

Northern Lights photographer. Notice the sign under his massive camera that has a picture of an SLR with a slash through it and says “wimpy camera”. ha!










We also shared a reindeer sausage and enjoyed viewing the Northern Lights photography. Tim told us that the photographers have to camp out in the wilderness for weeks to get the best shots. They have a lot of respect for that in my book! And we thought it was hard getting use to the time change and the sun being up from 4:50 am to 10:30pm! But, it didn’t hinder our fun! More to come in the next post…




One happy bear family! (Actually, Vera wasn’t thrilled to take this picture until she spotted a dog at the festival)




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