Posted by: Bethany Davis | May 23, 2012

Vintage Date Night

Salt Lake City has a few gems when it comes to vintage stores. We set out a little early on this date night, as all of them seem to close at 6 pm. Our first stop was Decades at 627 South State Street. It’s a unique little spot full of clothes and accessories from days past. Trying on some of the outfits felt like were stepping back in time. We got a good laugh at the bright pink flapper dress I tried on, and the full-length fur coat was quite glamorous! The store even has a cat that lives there and roams the isles.

Although we didn’t necessarily expect to leave with a souvenir, Brian found a plaid shirt and a bow-tie. The latter of which he plans to wear to a wedding this weekend! Pictures weren’t allowed in the store, but we took one outside of Brian in his new shirt. This guy has had a life-long aversion to short-sleeve button-up shirts… please affirm him in his big step to purchase one! Doesn’t he look great?!


Next stop was Now & Again, a retro store with mostly furniture and housegoods. We got a good laugh some of things in there and Brian even found a Red Ryder BB gun like the one in A Christmas Story. A few streets over, we swung by Retro Rose, but sadly arrived just as they were closing up.


Dinner was at Frida Bistro, a restaurant named after Frida Kahlo, a passionate Mexican artist who is famous for self-portraiture. The decor and food presentation was artistic, reflecting her work. It was a perfect night to take advantage of their patio seating.

I had hoped to finish up the evening at No Brow Coffee, but sadly they were already closed for the evening. So, we opted for Sugarhouse Coffee where we enjoyed a Tiramisu Latte and a Golden Gram Latte. Can you guess who had which one? We hadn’t yet explored the Sugarhouse area of Salt Lake, so it was fun to see a new part of town.

We arrived home to watch the last few rays of light disappear from our town home complex’s new HOT TUB! We hadn’t gotten to experience it yet, and decided to take advantage of the opportunity while Vera was at a friend’s house. It felt a little bit like being on vacation, and was the perfect nightcap. 🙂

lingering at Sugar House Coffee


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