Posted by: Bethany Davis | May 22, 2012

A Morning Birding Tour

being a poser with the serious birders

Brian made a list of the most important things in his life. Here’s the short version: God, family, work, writing, exercise, and the outdoors. He began putting these items on our family calendar, believing that if something is a priority, you should put your time toward it. Brian does an excellent job at balancing these things! Each week we try to do something outdoors, whether it’s hiking, running, or going to the park with Vera.

This week, we decided to attend a guided birding tour at Red Butte Gardens. And, as we learned, birding is a pretty serious thing. Our group was the first to enter the gardens as the place opened. Looking around at the group, we realized may stand out a bit from the group…

First, we had a baby with us. Second, we did not have a birding book. Third, we did not have binoculars (nor do we own any). Fourth, we did not have binocular holders or a safari vest (or whatever those things are). Quiet chatter started as we walked down the paths… participants talked about birds they were hoping to see or updates to the bird book… We were clearly the under-educated spectators here! ha!

Nonetheless, we enjoyed the opportunity to listen to the sounds of the gardens. Had we not been on the tour, I would not have noticed all the different bird calls echoing around us. We saw a good variety of Utah birds: house finch, white bunting, yellow tanager, black-headed grosbeak, and a quail. (I did not take the photos below, but the pics were taken in Red Butte Gardens). Vera, however, was probably most excited about the squirrel. On top of enjoying the wildlife, the gardens were lovely, and a great way to get in our outdoor time this week!

black-headed grosbeak


western tanager


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