Posted by: Bethany Davis | May 17, 2012

Drive-in movie date night

MOPS craft

Weeknight date nights are a little trickier to creatively plan. At MOPS, our craft last week was to create a jar with ideas for whatever topic we desired. Some moms did summer activities, random acts of kindness, thankfulness jars, etc… It’s easy to do — all you need is a mason jar, paper, and ribbon and paint if you so desire! One gal brought her cricut cutter to cut out our letter … and we all drooled over it.

But since Vera is too young to participate, I created a Date Nite jar for Brian and I. I’m filling it with ideas of things we’ve done before and enjoyed, and a few new things that we’ve yet to experience. Since we don’t know where we’ll be month-to-month, the ideas are simple enough to complete in any location. Some examples are: go to a coffee-shop concert, do an eye-spy date, go to a sports game, get sushi, play disc golf, etc…

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Our most recent date night included going a drive-in movie — something neither of us had experienced before. We discovered it was actually cheaper to see new releases here than in the theatre. And, you don’t even have to sneak any food in! 🙂 We brought some soda and organic kettle corn popcorn to share.

Prior to the movie, dinner was at Thai Basil (thanks Living Social), and then we drove into Little Cottonwood Canyon as the sun set. The rocks and rushing river were beautiful! We hope to go back and do some more hiking.

At Redwood Drive-in, the movies start at 9pm each night, and are actually a double feature if you can stay up that late (we are getting too old for that, I’m afraid!) We watched The Raven, where Edgar Allen Poe watches his fictional stories come to live. Too gory for me, but I liked the characters and premise.

Next time we need an idea for how to spend our date night, we’ll see what ideas we can draw from the jar! Any ideas of what to put inside? Post a comment!

Redwood Drive-in, West Valley, Utah



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