Posted by: Bethany Davis | May 16, 2012

Motherhood lessons: Aligning to His Rhythm

June 2011 — I’ve been setting up a routine for Vera with her sleeping, waking, and eating. From my reading in the Babywise book, consistency is helpful so babies know what to expect (and can fill up on hind milk when they nurse). In the same way that Vera thrives on a schedule and rhythm, I also thrive when I ascribe to the Lord’s rhythm.

Webster defines rhythm as “a movement, fluctuation marked by the regular recurrence or natural flow of related elements.” Well, not only is rhythm natural, but it is God-instituted and evident in my spiritual life. He is constantly calling me to align myself with Him — not my plans or the plans of the world. I Peter 1:16 says “Be holy as I am holy.” If I am seeking to model my life after Christ and relying on His strength to do so, He will give me what I need in His time — just as I give Vera what she needs.

When Vera is off her schedule, she is prone to be fussy and unhappy. In the same way, when I am not allowing myself time to rest and seek the Lord, confusion and discontentment creeps in. My best defense? Staying in sync with my Creator!

I see rhythm all around me. The sun rises and sets (Ecc. 1:5), the seasons come and go. I have times of spiritual dryness or seemingly silent times from the Lord (see this motherhood lesson!), or I have “mountain top” times of walking closely with Him as Adam did in the garden. Knowing that by definition a rhythm moves up and down, gives me peace and assurance in the Lord.

I can know what to expect, because I know God. I know His ways, and strive to be in sync with His rhythm. Just like a ticking metronome or melodic symphony, it stay on beat yet offers variation on a theme. The rhythm is never boring or dull, it is soothing and reassuring that my life is pointing to something greater. A song so beautiful — where I am one instrument of many, each unique!

The sun rises and the sun sets, and hurries back to where it rises…Is there anything of which one can say, “Look! This is something new”? It was here already, long ago…” Ecc. 1:5,10

“Be holy, because I am holy.” I Peter 1:16

Lord, help me know you and greater rhythm You set for my life. I want to let go of my will, and join You. 


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