Posted by: Bethany Davis | May 14, 2012

Bison at Antelope Island

I enjoyed photographing the bison

Brian’s Chick-fil-A store in Layton is very close to the causeway that connects to Antelope Island. The entire island, which is the largest in the Great Salt Lake, is a state park.

It’s brimming with wildlife and has some amazing views. Not much lives in the water, since 25% of it is salt and there’s 3-4 feet on it on the lake floor.

We saw some antelope and buffalo on the island, but the biting gnats kept us from doing any hiking. There’s about 500 buffalo, and each fall they do a round-up to check on their numbers and health. I wish we could be there for that! Sadly, I accidentally deleted the pictures I took. 😦 But the views of the Great Salt Lake and island were magnificent . Brian commented that it reminded him on being on a safari in Africa!

We stopped at the area where the famous Western The Covered Wagon stampede scene was filmed. With a budget of 782,000, it was a big to-do in the 1920s. You could almost picture it happening between the sand-covered mountains.

Exploring the island was a great way to spend a late Saturday afternoon. After seeing the snowy mountains and red rock in southern Utah, this helped round out our topography tour of the state.

Antelope Island photo by Mother Earth Moments


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