Posted by: Bethany Davis | April 23, 2012

Endless Sushi & Contra Dancing Date

We are always looking for creative date night ideas, and were pretty excited making plans for this one. We scored a great Living Social Deal at Simply Sushi, for endless sushi. It’s not the sit-out-all-day buffet style – it was prepared fresh right in front of us as we ordered it!

We had 1 hour to eat as much as we could — and we did! The tempura rolls are definately my go-to, but another favorite was their Park City Inside Out Roll with salmon, jalapeño, cream cheese and then thin lemon slices & sweet sauce on top.

With full bellies, we headed toward “the U” (University of Utah). Near campus the Wasatch Contras were hosting their 3rd Saturday contra dance at a historical building. Since we were both new to the dance, we attended the beginners session.

The best I can describe the dance, is that it is a mix between square dancing and swing dancing. The first half of the night, the caller encouraged everyone to find a different partner for each dance. It was a great way to learn! Finally, toward the end of the night, Brian and I found each other and had several dances together. We had a good workout, met some interesting characters, and laughed a lot at ourselves!

Before heading back to get Vera from our friends’ house, we stopped by City Creek Shopping Center, a new development across from Temple Square. In the winter, the area has a retractable ceiling that keeps shoppers warm. In the summer, the ceiling is removed for open-air shopping. A creek runs through the development with realistic-looking rocks and waterfalls, reminiscence of the local outdoors.

The outgoing operator at Brian’s first Utah assignment in Murray, got the new store at City Creek. The staff (some of which was from the Murray store) was happy to see Brian and give us a quick tour. Brian ogled over the center-line kitchen and extra space upfront. On our way out, we enjoyed some mint chocolate chip cupcakes and coffee from Kneaders Bakery. Yay for date nights!



  1. Just discovered this blog thru Bing, what a way to brighten up my month!

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