Posted by: Bethany Davis | April 22, 2012

Getting into the Guinness World Book of Records

Getting ready for the Great Cloth Diaper Change countdown

Today Vera and I made history. We helped break the Guinness World Record of the Most Cloth Diaper Changes at one time.

Last year, 5,026 cloth diapers were changed around the world simultaneously. This year 16 countries participated, included our location in Murray, Utah.

In order to register, I had to show them my baby and my cloth diaper. Grids were outlined for everyone to have a spot to change their baby. A number of local vendors had booths set up, including Signing Time, which we’ve been using with Vera.

We had a countdown, raffle prizes, and even a cloth diaper crawling race. Vera competed, but was more interested in the tape on the carpet than her mother beckoning her down the lane.

It was exciting to see so many other moms (and a few dads!) who choose to cloth diaper their kids. They even had a section upfront for older children who wanted to put a cloth diaper on their stuffed animal or dolls. I imagined Vera participating in this some day. 🙂

{ Missed our posts on cloth diapers? Here’s one and here’s the second… }

Vera's ready to compete in the crawling race


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