Posted by: Bethany Davis | April 19, 2012

Food trucks in SLC?


yummy calamari tacos

I’ve gotten excited about the new foodie phenomenon — food trucks. In planning an upcoming trip to San Francisco, my sister-in-law reminded me that this food-mecca has a plethora!

But, since we aren’t on vacation yet, I thought we’d try out one here in Salt Lake City. With the winter being pretty brutal, it looks like the trucks hibernate until the spring. thankfully, one was out this week!

The Chow Truck boasts haute asian cuisine, and it is delicious! We both enjoyed their flash-fried calamari tacos and sliders along with some asian spiced root chips. Yum! While we enjoyed our food, we pondered the perks of food trucks… low-priced, specialized food, for one! Also, the thrill of tracking them via social media and being apart of the small minority that knows their docking location.

After lunch, we took Vera to the local aquarium. She loved it!  Some of the highlights were a shark feeding (did you know they only feed sharks 3x a week?), the penguins, otters, and sting rays pool. Vera loved the penguins, but was afraid of the sting rays. We enjoyed spending the weekday together, and accomplishing another activity on our list.

Vera's height compared to the penguins at the aquarium



  1. Cute pic with Vera being compared by height with the penguins.

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