Posted by: Bethany Davis | April 17, 2012

What I appreciate about the Mormon Church

Did you know 72% of people living in Utah are Mormon? It has been a cultural experience of sorts for the past month and half.  While there are numerous ways my faith clashes with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), here’s some positive growth I’ve seen in my self through being exposed to it.
  • The Mormon Church has given me a greater respect for the Bible. For the New Testament alone, there are over 5,800 complete or fragmented Greek manuscripts. Compare that to Iliad, which has 643. Or the Book of Mormon, which has zero.
  • The emphasis on asking God for wisdom and truth as I read and study the Bible/historical text. As I hear Mormon’s present the Book of Mormon to non-believers, they challenge them to read it and ask Heavenly Father if it’s true.
  • The diligence and discipline LDS missionaries have. The missionaries we have welcomed into our home wake up at 6 am every day, exercise and devote time to study. wow.
  • They have given me an appreciation that my faith centers on Jesus Christ, not man.
  • They have challenged me to better embody the spirit of humility. I do not know everything there is to know about the Lord or the Bible! This won’t happen this side of heaven. Therefore, I must approach people of different faiths and denominations without pride or arrogance. I am far from perfect!
  • They have helped me understand what its like to live in a society of a different religion. Perhaps what its like to live in the Bible belt as an atheist or Muslim?
  • How the LDS church engages in social justice and community development. In the Salt Lake City area they have vocational services and numerous non-profit thrift stores.
  • The emphasis on family and having high morals. Seventy-three percent of Mormons say having a successful marriage is one of their top goals— compared to 34% of the general public.
  • How devoted LDS members are to their “callings” — big or small. Like this mom, who said “mothering my own kids, helping make the schools in my own community better, being a good neighbor and friend, learning from and helping the other mothers around me, and blogging about it all was a much ‘grander’ cause than any other I could pursue.

A few different sights here in Utah…

[Photos (1) billboards on the interstate advertise modest clothing companies;  (2) You can find LDS magazines in the doctor’s office waiting rooms; (3)  Utah’s cities are named after places in the Book of Mormon.]



  1. I love how you took the time to point out the positive aspects of being immersed in a place where Mormonism is so predominate. It would be so easy to shun people of other belief systems, but that’s exactly the opposite of what we’re called to do. It’s so great what God can do in and through you when you embrace differences and become less judgmental. Thanks for posting this and I hope you continue to enjoy your time traveling with that little family of yours! 🙂

  2. Too true. There are more Mormons in Colorado. Not something I contact daily, but I’ve found all you said to be true. All though there is a bit of a twist on some of the things. There was a mormon guy who used to come to my house that was asking genuine questions. When he did the other Elder would wrap up the conversation and within weeks he was transferred to another state. He had been transferred 4 times by the middle of that year. A lot for even a Mormon. They wouldn’t let him doubt.I guess that’s a flaw in Christianity as well.

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