Posted by: Bethany Davis | April 12, 2012

The Utah Top Ten — how are we doing?

Picture Brian took of Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City

When we first arrived in Utah, we listed a few “must-do’s.” Here’s what we’ve done so far:
Visit Temple Square and downtown Salt Lake City.
Brian’s parents were so gracious to drive my car (packed to  max!) from Atlanta to Utah. During their  visit here, we trekked up to downtown and visited Temple Square. It was quite an experience and deserves it own blog entry. (coming soon!)
Explore Park City.
While Brian was at Interim Manager training in Altanta, I took Vera on a little day-long road trip around the mountain, which included a stop in Park City. Here’s a link to follow our trip in pictures.
We fit this trip in right at the close of season! We headed over to Snowbasin on April 1st — it was even snowing on the slopes! It was Brian’s first time skiing out west, and we both agree it will be hard to go to the east coast after 45-minute runs down the mountain.
Try some fry sauce, a Utah favorite.
Eat at Culver’s.
These two activities were combined, when we discovered that
Culver’s has their own fry sauce. The butter burgers, fried cheese curds, and ice cream concrete were delicious! But, we decided the fry sauce left something to be desired. (maybe some spice would help?) We may or may not have stopped another night when we saw the ice cream flavor the day was Carmel Chocolate Almond. 🙂
Go to the Baby Steal’s Boutique.
I had ordered a few things from this company prior to living in the Salt Lake area, and was delighted to learn that their warehouse is here. They have a boutique where they sell the leftover deals. It was fun to shop around and not have to pay for shipping!
Take a trip to the Arches.
We had a great family vacation in Moab!  Here’s a link to the post.
So what’s left? We still need to:
 Take Vera to the local aquarium.
 Go to the salt lake. [Brian’s new store is very close to the lake, so we anticipate going over there one afternoon!]
 Hike the “Y”.

For now, we’re glad to have some more time out west. Who knows what other adventures we’ll stumble into!



  1. Love that you three are making the most of your CFA journey and making to do lists…how FUN!! The traveler in me is super jealous…but mostly excited for you!

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