Posted by: Bethany Davis | April 11, 2012

Visiting friends in TX

This picture from 2003 pretty such sums up our college fun together -- good girls pushing the rules where we could!

At the end of March, I had an opportunity to visit Becca, Scott, and Zoë in the Fort Worth area. Becca and I have been friends since my freshman year of college at Asbury. We played soccer together and had many mischievous adventures – which we enjoyed reminiscing about during our visit!

Our lives have continue to align, which is a sweet blessing from the Lord…

In 2008, we were both engaged — months apart.
In 2009, we were both married — months apart.
In 2011, we both had baby girls — months apart.

Zoë and Vera were so cute together! It was a little tricky to align their naps, so we enjoyed some time at the lake house they were living at, as well as the local area. The weekend weather was lovely so, we took the girls outside to play while we enjoyed reading and playing ladder ball. On Friday evening Scott graciously agreed to stay back while the girls were sleeping and let Becca and I go to a late night movie — October Baby (which I highly recommend!!!)

Becca, Zoë, Scott in a field of blue bonnets, the TX state flower

On Saturday we had some excellent Mexican food near the West 7th area in downtown. Our ‘night cap’ was at Sweet Sammies. The line was out the door here to get ice cream sandwiches –and now I know why! On Sunday afternoon we strolled through the Fort Worth Botanical Garden and ate at Love Burger with some of the Lowe’s church friends. We enjoyed some live music, and tried the dirty love sauce on our fries and burger — so yummy!

Vera & Zoë at the Botanical Garden

It’s neat to see the Lord’s provision and work in both our lives through each new chapter. While visiting, we swapped info about cloth diapering, nursing, essential oils, baby food making, and so on! (Oh, and if you are looking for a breast pump with a closed system to protect mom and baby from infection, check out her fb page!) We also had conversations about understand your identity in Christ when circumstances keep changing. It can be so challenging to see yourself first Christ’s beloved when most people now identity you solely as a mom.

Since both us are stay at home most of the time, our lives seem to revolve around caring for our daughters. While this is awesome and such a blessing, it’s easy to forget the rest of our calling as wives, friends, and simply as belonging to Christ. I’m so thankful for friends like Becca who can keep me on track!



  1. I so enjoyed this entry. Sounds like such a fulfilling, life-giving trip, Bethany. I’m so glad you got to spend time with a friend who you have such a sweet connection with. Love the part about your conversation about being Christ’s beloved first and how some see an identity change when lifes circumstances change. Great that you have one another to “keep you on track”…and I’m thankful that you are one of those friends for me. 🙂

  2. Thanks Christina! you are definitely one of those friends for me, too. And for that, I’m SO thankful! I’ve enjoyed reading all your sweet comments 🙂

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