Posted by: Bethany Davis | April 4, 2012

a peek at our home

Now that we know we are staying put for a little while, here's a look at our home. We are super blessed with a brand spankin' new 3-bedroom town home, 2-car garage, and a spectacular view.

And, the tumbleweeds! They keep rolling past our home, and I chuckle everything I see one.

Vera loves to play in the cabinets!

We've come to appreciate many of the natural beauties here, including understanding the "purple mountain majesty." As the sun sets, the mountains turn a lovely lavender color. wow!



  1. Great, looks like a beautiful place. Question: How long is staying put this time? Will this be a three month stint or longer? Enjoy those mountains-I still am enthralled with God’s majesty in the mountains. I remember early on when we moved to Colorado Springs and the mountain would turn a lavender color. And sunrises in the winter would turn Pikes Peak a pinkish color when there was snow on it. Enjoy-

    • The Colorado mountains are also awe-inspiring! We only know month to month where we will be. So I can only say with certainty that we will be here until the end of April. But, I’m guessing it could be til the summer? Jon Jon – we really want to come to your wedding – even if we aren’t still in Utah. Keep us updated on the details. And, we’d love for you to visit!!!

  2. WOW! O WOW! How long will you be expected to be there? I cannot wait to visit! Will you guys come to CO for my wedding?

  3. Beautiful! Love the ditty about the tumble weeds. Great capture of Vera in the cabinets. Gorgeous photo of the sunset…that was my favorite part about living in Arizona…how the mountains would change color all day and become so lovely at sunset. Glad you two get to experience this beauty in God’s creation.

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