Posted by: Bethany Davis | April 2, 2012

Another transition

This past Saturday, Brian finished up his assignment at the mall in Murray, Utah. He did a great job hiring an (almost) all-new staff and helping the store transition from the past owner to a company owned store.

Although we knew this assignment was temporary, we didn’t expect it to be as short as it was! Today Brian started a different mall north of Salt Lake in Layton, Utah.

As for now, we are staying put at our town home near the Murray store. It was going to cost Chick-fil-A a ridiculous amount to break our lease, so in an effect to be good stewards, we are going to see how bad the drive is for Brian. While it’s nice to avoid another quick move, I covet the time with Brian that he is spending on the road.

Vera and I dropped by for one last visit at the Murray store on Saturday. Second to seeing Daddy, Vera loved sitting in the bright colored cars parked at the food court. And, she had her first taste of Chick-fil-A’s ice dream here. (She’s a raving fan, in case you are wondering!)



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