Posted by: Bethany Davis | March 12, 2012

a very surprising birthday

Happy Birthday, Brian!

Since we were spending Brian’s birthday morning on the road, I planned a few things to make his day special.   While he and Vere were sleeping, I decorated our hotel room with streamers and a birthday sign. He was pretty surprised when we woke up!

I found a fun, historic restaurant in Harrisonburg called Pennybackers. We had a nice lunch and even tried to find a geocache in the neat little downtown area. The wind was really cold, so we decided it was time to get back on the road.

It wasn’t long at all before we hit snow. Lots of snow. Traffic slowed considerable and the snow kept falling. Soon we started seeing cars stuck in ditches, and the road turned to one lane that was barely inching along. Things were not looking good. We realized we weren’t going to make it to see our friends in Lynchburg, nor would we make it back that night.

A quick look at the map indicated that we were headed into a empty stretch of interstate. We quickly exited, turned around and headed north again to find a hotel for the night. We ended up in Waynesboro, VA – a town I had never heard of and don’t really care if I go back to.

Within walking distance of our hotel was an Outback. Thankfully, we had a nice warm dinner. I brought along some candles to try to make the evening special for Brian.

By the time the snow had stopped falling, we had EIGHT inches. Wow. The day was an unexpected adventure, and we were thankful we were together and safe. Thank you, Jesus!

watching the snow pile up outside of our hotel


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