Posted by: Bethany Davis | March 11, 2012

a lovely Ridgedale wedding

photo by Arika VanBrunt, wedding photographer

My cousin, Brian, was married a few weeks at my aunt and uncle’s home in northern West Virginia. Since my extended family is rather spread out and doesn’t gather too often, we were happy to make the six hour trip to participate in the festivities. The wedding was lovely — the ceremony conducted in a circle in front of the historic homestead and the reception was on the first floor. Here’s a link for more pictures…

outdoor wedding ceremony

One thing I appreciate about my Aunt Carol and Uncle Mike is the value they give to people (particularly family) and the way they are able to give life is things forgotten. They now own and have personally restored two historic homesteads. We blogged about visiting their first home back in the summer of 2009. Here’s some before and after pics and history of their second home, Ridgedale.

photo with my parents at the farewell breakfast

Connie and Brian have a home in Hood River, Oregon, where he is an organic mushroom farmer (see his farm here). Connie had an online bridal shower where friends could post wishes, advice, recipes, etc… Even though Connie and I had not previously met, I was happy to take the opportunity to share some words (read it here).

The day after the wedding, February 19th, Brian turned 28. (yay!) However, the day held many surprises (even beknownst to both of us!). Check the next post to see how our adventure home took a different turn – literally!

Aunt Carol and Uncle Mike after giving us a private tour of their home


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