Posted by: Bethany Davis | March 10, 2012

The G-boro round-up

How’d we do with our to-do list?

Brittany & Kory - miss these guys.

1. Visit Maxie’s B’s Bakery and Dessert Cafe.

Actually, this is a double check… we went twice! We posted about it before, but went again on a double date with the Kaye’s after burgers at Natty Green’s in downtown.

2. Run at Bur-Mill Park.

Yep. Here’s the post. Brian even went back on a warm day for a half-day solitude retreat.

Joshua & Vera. Potential caption: "Mom, leave us alone! Can't you see we're on a date?!"

3. Go to the Kathleen Clay Edwards library.

We enjoyed the special event Cocoa and Constellations, a trip with Christina and Joshua (who visited with David all the way from GA!), and I had a solo trip to study.

4. Get some fresh produce at the Farmer’s Curb Market.

Fun times with Elizabeth and Jess, posted here.

5. Visit Emily R. and Cameron at Liberty University.

Brian and the chef, Cameron

This visit almost didn’t happen. After getting stuck overnight (due to 8 inches of snow!) only an hour from Lynchburg, we finally made it for a lunch date the next day. So great to see these two IMPACT 360 alums and meet Joanna, Cameron’s fiancee. The meal they had prepared for us was divine!!!

6. Take a ski trip.

O yes we did! Read about it here.

7. Shop at Carolina Thrift.

Found a few treasures here. Mondays is half-off clothes, which meant new JCrew cords for $1.50 for this momma. Score!

Bethany & Laura...high school friends reunited!

8. Hang out with Laura, a friend from high school.

Laura and I were able to meet for lunch twice. What a treat it was to catch up!

9. Eat breakfast at Herbie’s Place, a 24-hour diner.

Er, well, let’s say we edited this one. After reading some not-so-good reviews, we opted for another local favorite – Yum Yum’s.

10. Go to a concert at the Green Bean, a coffee house in downtown.

Going to indie coffee houses makes me feel young again. We enjoyed the Green Bean and the show, and also checked out Tate’s Street Coffee on the edge of UNC-G’s campus. And yes, we were definitely the oldest people in there.

And that’s a wrap with 10 for 10, folks. 🙂


  1. Hey! I made the blog! Whoo hoo! Love that picture of Joshua and Vera. What a fun time we had in Greensboro with you…we should have taken more pictures…wish there was a pic of the six of us together. We must remember that for next time!!

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