Posted by: Bethany Davis | March 2, 2012


We like to guess what our next location will be – it’s a little game we play. For this month, we were both waaay off. Utah is even more beautiful than I imagined. We are hemmed in by glorious mountains on either side. As our plane touched down, a fresh wave of snow also descended (5 inches!). And last night, we were hit with another 4 inches. The air is clear, and the outdoors so bright. I think the mountains are calling me and my snowboard.

The plane ride was long… 4 hours from Atlanta. I can’t imagine how slow the drive must be — thanks to Brian’s parents who are driving my car out — we didn’t have to endure it! We are adjusting well and enjoying our town home. We’re not sure what’s next or when we’ll move again – but we’re sure it will be equally exciting!



  1. Glad you safely arrived in Murray, Utah and that you did not have to drive it. The drive from Southern Pines to Colorado Springs is a very long 2 1/2 day drive or longer. And this time of year, you never know what you might find. Glad you all could fly. There had to be excitement as the plane descended into your new location for however long. What excitement to have mountains right there, such beauty. You may hear of Park City, Utah, but we have driven through there and that is one beauty of a place. Enjoy your new surroundings and adjusting to snow and at once.

  2. Gorgeous photo! Enjoy your adventures there…if I know you 3, you will have many. 🙂

  3. What part? What
    Part? I will come visit perhaps!

    • That would be awesome! we are in midvale – a little south of salt lake. We have an extra bedroom if you want to come! 🙂

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