Posted by: Bethany Davis | February 25, 2012

Yum Yum’s & disc golf date

Cheerwine, a NC soft drink

Who says you can’t have a cheap date and still have a good time?

We’ve been able to go on some laid back afternoon dates the past months (and not exceeded our budget). Our most recent? Yum Yum’s Better Ice Cream and Disc Golf at Barber Park.





Yum Yum’s is on the edge of UNC-G’s campus and has been around since 1906 and serves up a pretty simple menu: hot dogs, Cheerwine, and ice cream. That’s it!

We heard about it through a fiction book Brian has been reading by Orson Scott Card. The character, Bean, talks about going to Yum Yum’s. We were thrilled to discover it was indeed an actual place – and had to check it out.


Traveling around in the IM program, we didn’t pack many things. But, we did include our discs hoping for sunny days like this one. The (free) disc golf course had 18 holes and seemed to grow in difficulty as you went, weaving through trees and embankments.




It was great to be outside and getting some exercise together. (Even if Brian schooled me with his disc skills!) 🙂


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