Posted by: Bethany Davis | February 15, 2012

Cloth Diaper + baby food update

It’s been about 6 months since we started using cloth diapers with Vera. Brian asked me the other day, “Are you glad we switched?” And the answer is, “YES!”

In our first post about cloth diapers, we gave some specifics about why we switched and how we made our purchases. We’ve learned even more about cloth diapering and made a few adjustments.

1. Instead of installing a diaper sprayer, we opted for using flushable liners. So easy!

2. Also, purchasing used diapers is great, but make sure to inspect the elastic on the sides. We had a few that needed replacement elastic. Thank you, Grammy, for all your work making the adjustments!

3. We started using cloth wipes, purchased from this etsy store. If she poops, we use disposable wipes – if not, we use cloth wipes. They are washed with the diapers.

I’ve also enjoyed making Vera’s baby food. It allows me to know exactly what she eats and how its made (aside from growing the veggies myself!). Since we didn’t start solids until after 6 months, we didn’t have to worry about nitrates. Thankfully, organic produce has been available in Huntsville and Greensboro, and we’ve been able to greatly reduce the amount of chemicals she ingests. How do we make it? If possible, I like to bake the veggies or fruit to retain the most nutrients. Next, we use a food mill (purchased at a consignment store for $5) to make a fine paste. Sometimes I mix rice cereal and breastmilk to even out the consistency.

Wholesome babyfood has been a great resource. I got some pointers this week on how to integrate legumes into her diet. Have an special blends your baby likes? Let me know, I’d love to try them out!


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