Posted by: Bethany Davis | February 14, 2012


I’ve been hit with a wave of contentment today. Thank you, Lord!


I’m a mother and housewife, and am so thrilled to be right where I am, right now. Reflecting on the wonders of each day, it seems surreal and almost idealistic. And not that my days don’t have stressful moments (we’re still on this side of heaven!), but the Lord has blessed me with a sweet season of life. What are my days filled with?

Sweet Mornings
Waking up next to my best friend to sweet, cooing sounds coming from our baby monitor. Vera is “saying good morning” and gently telling us she’s ready for the day. Vera joins us in bed, nurses, and softly touches our faces while we snuggle under the covers.

Brian gets ready for work while I change Vera and start breakfast. What’s brewing? French press coffee, juice with organic life vitamins, and yogurt topped with granola, fiber one, and bananas.

Vera goes down for her first nap of the day, and I kiss Brian goodbye as he heads out to work.

Vera's latest trick: dumping out the entire toy basket

Flexible Afternoons
Each day is different – I like the variety! Some days I head to the park to run with the jogging stroller, or spend a while in Scripture and prayer, or get crafty with some pinterest inspiration, prep for dinner, make a delicious salad for lunch, complete some housework, or study for my Marriage and Family Therapy exam (which I should be doing more of!).

However, my afternoons always include play time with Vera, making baby food, cloth diapering, and sending Brian an encouraging, ‘love’ text (I love finding new ways to express how much he means to me!)

"detox time"

Before we were married, someone advised me to drop everything the moment Brian walks in the door from work and embrace him. And, I do! Beforehand, I try to do a little straightening to make the home a pleasant place to come home to and occasionally light a candle or play some soft music.

Brian has “detox time” (a term we coined to mean a space for him to shed the worries of the day, avoid his to-do-list for a few minutes, and catch a breather before enjoying the evening together). I might bring him tea or a snack on the couch while he reads or sits with his ipad.

If you know us, you know we love to cook! A few days ago I made a delicious meal — stuffed salmon with sriracha cream sauce.  I even enjoyed a little outing to the meat counter where I selected the best cut of some fresh salmon. After dinner, Brian always does the dishes for me. (yes, I know I’m spoiled!)

The Close of the Day 
Vera goes to bed around 8:30, leaving ample time for Brian and I relax together. We might watch a show, play some cribbage, piddle around doing nothing of consequence, or spend time with our CFA neighbors. Hot tea is our nightly night-cap. Brian will have chai, and I will settle for something decaffeinated.

Our daily rhythm is complete, as we fall into bed together. It’s been a beautiful day.


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