Posted by: Bethany Davis | February 7, 2012

Ski/snowboard getaway trip

getting ready to hit the slopes

For our first time as a married couple, Brian and I went skiing and snowboard. Contrary to popular opinion, snowboarders and skiers can be friends and even maintain a similar pace down hill. 🙂

With my parents watching Vera, we truly had a getaway weekend. We went to Winterplace, WV, and stayed at a near by hotel. We enjoyed the perks of complimentary cookies at night, and hot breakfast and coffee by a fireplace in the mornings.

Although it was sad to say goodbye to our baby, we knew she was in good hands.  Here are things we enjoyed kid-free:

I was thrilled to (finally) use my snowboard rack

…waking up in the morning without the help of Vera’s cooing on the baby monitor

…. having two nice dinners in a row without having to entertain anyone with puffs

… soaking in the hot tub together

… and most of all, having amazing, uninterrupted conversations and quality time together.

We’re hoping for a repeat trip next year!


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