Posted by: brianandbethany | January 30, 2012

The blessings of African food

For our date night we enjoyed a meal of African food! While at the Farmer’s Curb Market last weekend, Elizabeth and Jess found the African Sisters Restaurant booth and gave us a flier with their menu and address on it (thanks, guys!). The place is truly a gem — the food is delicious and the owner was such a joy.











I enjoyed beef stew and Jelof Rice with organic kassava leaves and Brian the goat stew with Jelof rice and stewed okra. The owner, Kayanda, a native of Congo, let us sample her Ginger Iced Tea and we were hooked. It was delicious and we indulged in many a free refill. 🙂

Just in our short conversation with Kayanda, she seemed to have a sparkle that only Jesus could bring. With the amazing resource of google, I discovered several interesting things: 1) she volunteers to help refugees adjust to life America, 2) her husband is a Christian pastor, and 3) she is going to be featured in a film!

That evening we blessed by:

– my mom (who watched Vera and allowed us to sneak away)
– a taste of the world, which reminds us that there is more than just the here & now
– Kayanda’s heart and her vision to provide healthy food options for her community


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